Three Simple Words

A few years ago I was doing business with a guy (pretty vague, huh?) and the deal .

Now, I knew this guy was a believer, and that may be why I said it. I honestly don’t know if I would have said it if I hadn’t known he was a believer. Maybe it was my desire t be nice, maybe it was the Holy Spirit, but whatever the reason those three little words planted a seed in him. He called me today and said he has been thinking about how our conversation ended last week (those three words) and he didn’t know if it was the Holy Spirit or what but he has “been moved for a couple of days now to do this evaluation & send it to [me]”. The evaluation was for a new deal that may not be such a financial burden.fellthrough. For a couple of months I have been thinking about that situation and wishing the deal had gone through. The situation for me now to close the same deal will cause quite a significant financial burden, but it is one I was thinking of undergoing in a few months anyway out of necessity. Last week the guy from before called me up out of the blue and we talked about completing the deal, and he pretty much confirmed my resolve about the financial burden. We ended the conversation and I was compelled to say “God Bless You”.

I don’t know if anything will come out of this new deal, but it is very interesting how it came to me. The faith side of me wants to believe it was divine intervention. Only time will tell for sure, but I am definitely going to look into this new deal.

I have seen firsthand how the small seeds of faith can grow into gigantic beanstalks.  By speaking words of faith you are planting seeds (see Matthew 13). But I also know firsthand that those seeds are not going to grow the same in everybody.  If I were to say “God Bless You” to one of my atheist friends there would definitely be a negative take on it, and that seed would not grow. I don’t think as in Matthew 13 that it only has to do with their “soil”. Different seeds flourish in different soils, and in that case it would be the wrong seed and the err would be mine. Choose the right seeds, in the right time, for the right soil. Your seeds can be words, or they can be actions. Planting them can be active or passive.

One of my favorite quotes is (I have no idea who said it or where it came from):

“You may be the only Bible your friend ever reads”

It’s not just quoting the Bible and throwing out obscure verses, it’s living your life with love, compassion, and not judging others.

What seeds have you planted lately?

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