Devotion Challenge

Wow! It’s been 1-year and 5-months since I’ve posted to this blog. Guaranteed a lot has changed, in my theology and in my life. The last post I started to wander away from what this particular blog was about, which is my personal spiritual progress.

In our small group we decided to start a devotion challenge. It will be a 2-week Bible devotion, this blog will serve as a devotional journal for the next 10-14 posts (at least). If anyone is still subscribed to this blog, I don’t want you to feel obliged to read them. Also with this devotion I have an accountability partner (hi Jon!), who I may or may not give this link. I am slightly embarrassed by some of my earlier posts, but since it is a history of my growth I will not be deleting them.

The Journal

The journal should have at least 5 entries a week and no more than one day between entries. It will consist of the following 5 parts:

  1. Date, time, and location 0f writing – To document a place where I “meet with God”
  2. Personal reflections on a portion of scripture
  3. Expressions of personal worship – A written prayer to God
  4. Petition – Request for God’s help concerning my present circumstances in regards to my reading.
  5. Evaluation of personal situation – Thoughts, feelings, concerns, etc.

I am looking forward to, and nervous about this challenge. I hope I can manage, especially on the days when I work 12-hour shifts. I don’t expect all my entries to be perfect, in fact I am positive that until I get the hang of this I will be quite clumsy.

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