Devotion Day #2 – Mt 5:4

09.18.2014 6am – Family room chair

Thank you Lord, that I have the opportunity to do these devotions and study your word. I ask for clarity of mind and your guidance in today’s reading.

Matthew 5:4

  • Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.(NIV)

All the translations use the word “mourn”. This seems odd, I remember seeing this on a card for someone who lost a family member. But this verse doesn’t specifically say “Blessed are those who mourn for the dead…”, though the word does convey that type of grief. There are a lot of things I feel guilt or loss over, but few I mourn over. And when I take away the material, there is really only one thing. Sin.


  • Wretched are those who deny the tragedy of their sinfulness, for they will be troubled.

When I first came to Christ, I tried to lessen the blow of past sin by trying to find a way to make it God’s will. In doing that I was essentially saying “sin is good if it gets you into relationship with Christ”. When I came to understand this error, I would go over past sins and catalogue them in my head, I was focused on them. I was dwelling on, or mourning over, them. I had to remind myself that Christ died for those sins, they have already been forgiven.  I still do this, as I still sin. I have a tendency to bring up and dwell on past sins.

I find it interesting that this Beatitude is in the future tense, “… for they will be comforted”. Where the first was in the present tense, “… for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.  When I sin, when I recognize that I have sinned, I feel guilt. I feel sorrow. I mourn. And in this mourning, which can only come through acknowledging the sin, there is repentance. And through Christ there is forgiveness, and there is comfort in that. I think I can responsibly pull out this interpretation.

Heavenly Father, thank you for this time in Your word. Thank you for your sacrifice that I may find comfort in You, and the future promise that you will wipe every tear from my eyes. I ask that today you guide me, help me to keep my eyes focused on things above and not on past sins. Through Jesus Christ  I pray, AMEN!

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