Devotion Day #5 – Mt 5:7

9.21.15 5:43 am- Family room chair.

Lord, thank you for this devotion, for this day, and for your word. As I study today and reflect on this Beatitude I ask that you guide me and let me hear what you are saying.

Matthew 5:7

  • Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.(NIV)


  • Wretched are the merciless, for they will be shown no mercy.

I feel this Beatitude is pretty straight forward. What does it mean to show mercy? It means to have compassion for someone, and to be forgiving of them. It is to actively love someone, desiring to remove their suffering. When I am showing mercy I am living out God’s will. I am loving my neighbor.

Before I came to know Christ, I liked to think of myself as a charitable do-gooder. But in truth, until I learned what True mercy is, I was only acting on self righteousness. Doing good things in order to store up Karma XP points. I think I need to be careful in how I express mercy. I do not show mercy (well, at least I really hope I don’t), in order to receive mercy from God. I show mercy because I have already received mercy from God. He set the bar and on my own I can’t reach it. It is only through Him that mercy can fully express itself in me. I can take steps towards caring for someone, but it is only by Him that those steps become leaps.

Lord, thank you again for this day I have to study your word. Help me to apply it, help me to change any wrong motives I have in showing mercy. Help me not to get impatient when someone requires more than I was expecting. People say that is one thing I should never pray for, and to be honest with you God, it scares me a little. But I know that whatever happens, that in your will and by your mercy I am in the safest place there is. AMEN!

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